Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm a Jamberry Nails Consultant!!

My Jamberry Story!!
So it was about a year or more ago when I was first introduced to Jamberry Nails!  Its a funny story actually..... I was at my Dad's shop when an old high school friend stopped by to talk to us.  He is a big Lumberjack guy literally a "Lumberjack" cutting down the trees and everything!!! As we are talking he shoves out his pinky finger and said "Have you ever heard of Jamberry Nails??" He had a cute little nail polish like design on his pinky nail.  He tells me its been on his pinky for something like 3 weeks and it was still looking good!  I told him it was pretty awesome!  
It wasn't until the Cassia County Fair in Burley, ID where I was reintroduced to Jamberry Nails.  My sister Kristy came up to me and was showing me her nails and how cool they were.  She was saying how she was thinking she wanted to become a consultant and sell Jamberry Nails!  I wanted to check them out so I went to their booth and got a sample put on and expressed my interest in possibly becoming a consultant.  They gave me some information and that night I did some research on Jamberry Nails and read thru the material the girls gave me!!  I was super excited about these cool products!  I even had several dreams about them that night and the excitement continued to grow the next day when I was talking with my family.  I was thinking about how stinkin cute the nails were and how long they were saying that they lasted!  2 weeks on fingernails and up to 6 weeks on toenails!!! That was awesome and totally worth trying them out!  Fingernail polish wouldn't last that long at all and the designs of these are SO CUTE!!! 

So I bought 4 sheets of the Jamberry Nails at the Jamberry booth the next day.  I stayed up til the wee hours of the night applying them to both my fingers and my toes!  (when else am I supposed to apply them with a 5 and 2 year old in tow:) Anyways I LOVED THEM!!!! I would look at my fingers and toes and just think how cute they were!  It made me feel better about myself too, which never hurts:)  The next day I applied some of the designs I purchased on my family....I was blown away by how many applications I got out of one sheet and still had leftovers! 
1. My Fingernails
2. My Toenails
3. My mom's Fingernails
4. Half of my Sisters Fingernails
5. One on my hubby:)
So 3.5 applications and leftovers so I could have done 4 applications.
3.5 applications= $4.29 per application

I became a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant on August 22, 2012.  It has been awesome and I LOVE IT!!! Contact me if you want to learn more about the amazing products or want to join my team:)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oh Sunday..Random Sunday

We had a great day at church today.
But after church the randomness which is a daily occurrence Began....
I looked out the kitchen window and saw a bike, two trikes, a scooter and a pink ROOTERCYCLE
{what Maddy Called it when she got it for Christmas} All lined up in a row. I couldn't pass up this photo

I love how random this child is......NEVER a dull moment:)
Maddy loves to draw and be creative....She surprises me daily with her artistic abilities. She does come by it naturally....It just skipped over a generation. Her Grandma Lizzy {Eric's Mom} and Papa {My Dad} are VERY ARTISTIC. 

Dooder Scooter with his new CHEESE face :)
This kid ALWAYS has something in his mouth or he is putting something in his mouth.
I can't wait til this phase is over...Please tell me it is a phase.

Our Stolen Day

Our lil family enjoyed a stolen day yesterday!!!  
It was a day filled to the brim and possibly overflowing with fun and adventure:)  
We were enjoying time spent as a family and with friends.  
Savoring the moments while we were in them
cherishing the memories in the making.
Here are a few of my favorite pictures:)

Shoshone Falls........BEAUTIFUL!!
We were so lucky.......a full rainbow:) Just for us!
Lil Red {Evan} and I
Lost his footing and
rolled down the hill!
Thought he might shed some tears.....
nope.....ALL SMILES!
~ The Kiddos ~
Heaps kiddos Emily, Gavin, & Bella
and our lil ChicaLoo {Maddy}

I love this lil guy!!! 
Feeling how cold the water was.
Hiking down the hill

Monday, April 16, 2012

Goodwill GoodDEALs!!!

There is something you must know about me.........
I LOVE Thrift Store Shopping!!
{both my husband and my garage can attest to that}
There is something about going in with an idea of what you would like to find...
But never truly knowing what you will end up getting.
Call it the thrill of the hunt or the Creative Genius Monster inside.
I just love it!!!

 Before: Metal and Wood Candle Sticks
Primed those babies up!
The End result..... Pretty cute lil perches for my lil birdies:)

The Kiddos Today

What can I say we are pretty much a bunch of CRAZIES here!!!
Never a dull moment!
Lil Red {14months} 
ChicaLoo {5 years}